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Liferay portal functional- and performance audit

An enterprise portal is constantly changing, together with its applications, content and the patterns of its usage. However, the user experience and the availability of the portal must not degrade! We help you with functional- and performance audit to reach this goal. Our timeboxed audit helps you to identify the problems lying in the applications, in the portal  or in the underlying infrastructure. The result of the audit is a document containing assessment and recommendations to remedy the identified problems.

Oracle security audit

It is quite typical with IT systems that when they are modified – either because of extra developments, business reorganization or changes in personnel –, security aspects tend to get pushed into the background, and after some time, the systems operate in a badly documented, difficult-to-oversee and – regarding security – in a vulnerable state.

The goal of the Oracle Security Audit is to assess the Oracle RDBMS, the databases and optionally the applications built on them from a security aspect, to find the risks and deficiencies.

The audit consists of the following phases:

  • Creating a dedicated test environment for the audit based on the live systems (virtualizaed solutions are preferred)
  • Providing access to the experts performing the audit
  • Interviews with the IT and operational managers
  • Assessment – Analysis– Reports
  • Finalizing the detailed report
  • Creating an executive summary (chartd, ‘heat map’)
  • Preparing a presentation
  • Vendor-side, internal QA audit
  • Presenting the results of the audit to the IT managers of the customer
  • Q & A

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