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Birth of the new company

In September 2014 a new player was born in the Hungarian IT market – but IXENIT Ltd. actually has extensive history and great experience. In response to the latest IT and business trends, the new company was created by the fusion of Innovent Consulting Ltd. and I-Logic Ltd. 

As a result of the fusion, the decade-long professional experience, product and service portfolio of the founding companies become available to our customers, augmented with the innovation potential that will manifest soon in the form of new products and solutions developed. An important extra benefit is the wider, easier-to-scale resource background and the more robust, enterprise size.

Why does IXENIT give more?

With the birth of IXENIT, our customers can rely on a flexible service provider with a comprehensive portfolio. Our strength is offering one-stop solutions: that we can understand and interpret the business needs of our customers in their full complexity (Business Understanding), analyze the available options and use innovative methods – if necessary, even custom development – to support our customers in achieving their business goals.

Our new home, an inspiring office environment in Graphisoft Park, Building „C” contributes to achieving all this.

Our company has been found to conform to management system standard MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009.



contact us

  • Ixenit Ltd.
  •   7. Záhony st., 1031 Budapest, 
    (Graphisoft Park Building C)
  •  +36 1 886 2673
  •  +36 1 886 2674