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Consulting and support



Liferay consulting and support

As one of the pioneers in Hungary, we started working with the Liferay platform in 2005. That was the time when we developed our first large portal (, and we have been continuously supporting and updating it from ever since. During the years we collected knowledge and experience that is unparalleled in Hungary. 

Areas of consulting:

  • Professional support for existing Liferay portals
  • Operation of the whole portal infrastructure
  • Consulting with on-demand pricing
  • Feasibility studies, implementing pilot projects
  • Technical audits for Liferay-based solutions (see more under Audit)
  • Preparing expert opinions
  • Correcting Liferay implementations/solutions that do not fully meet the business requirements (project recovery)

A special type of consulting is portal-specific project recovery – proven by many successful projects.

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will help. We always do.

Oracle consulting and support

Based on our decade-long experience gained in the world of Oracle, including large enterprise solutions, we help our customers with consulting and joint analysis in selecting and implementing the optimal processes, the best ERP, training and workflow systems.

The expertise of our consultants covers all phases of software implementation projects. Their professional knowledge extends from vendor relationship management through planning, finance and controlling processes to communication with banks. Our experts are available to perform all tasks related to consulting on implementation and custom development.

A high-priority area within our consulting activities is the functional and technical support of Oracle E-Business Suite-based systems within live environments. We can provide support either outsourced fully, by ourselves, or by augmenting your existing IT organization with the professional background requiring special expertise.

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