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Liferay portal development

About Liferay

Liferay is an open source, large enterprise-level, Java based portal solution that conforms to and supports industry standards.

The business requirements of a portal are very easy to define: make profit! Technical requirements can become more wide-ranging, and during our projects, within the possibilities defined by the business requirements, we must meet them all. We have all the tools, methodology, experience and resources necessary to complete large enterprise projects. We continuously develop ourselves, too, so that the solutions we deliver are always up to the latest achievements of the industry.

External and internal enterprise portals, developments from scratch or redesigning/refactoring existing portals – we have significant references and experience in all these areas. We can perform everything necessary to fully implement a portal, from the very first steps to its continuous operation and maintenance.

Besides software development, we offer high-quality graphical design and implementation, for mobile and desktop use as well.

The feedback from our experience with operation helps us greatly with fine-tuning our solutions to make them efficient and secure in the long run – we are well aware of the usual obstacles of development.

We have significant experience with fixing projects that have difficulties.

We use the Kanban methodology to execute our projects; for project management and ticketing we use JIRA. Some other tools we use: Continuous Integration and Delivery (Jenkins) and version management systems (Git and SVN).

Oracle development

A significant part of our services related to Oracle technologies is implementing systems and developing applications that serve custom needs. The goal of the developments is to create solutions that interoperate with the existing systems in an integrated way, have a quick ROI but can be operated economically in the long run as well.

Our team with its comprehensive experience is readily available to implement solutions and applications serving custom needs. During the application development we create solutions that interoperate with the existing systems in an integrated way.

We recommend our solutions to organizations where the specific operational characteristics cannot be covered by off-the-shelf applications. Our developments make it possible to support custom processes, quickly and precisely access and retrieve, and securely store all the necessary data.



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