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Liferay integration

An enterprise portal is almost never a standalone system: it is part of a complex infrastructure. Content needs to be presented according to business needs. It is particularly important that a flexible, yet lasting solution should connect the portal with the back-office systems. Our many years of experience is the guarantee of the right solution. Problems we solved successfully:

  • interface legacy system using Oracle stored procedures
  • interface legacy system using file transfer (FTP, IMAP, SMTP)
  • payment gateways: we have complete solutions to more banking systems
  • hotel reservation systems (webservice and other technologies)
  • flight reservation systems (webservice and other technologies)
  • direct, bidirectional mainframe interface (TN3270)

Oracle integration

We have many years of experience with the integration of applications supporting enterprise business processes.  The solutions defined by the system designers are implemented by our developers well versed with the technologies, based on the available connections provided by the applications.

Typical integration needs in relation with Oracle applications:

  • Communication with banking systems, posting transactions, receiving balances
  • GL- and subledger-level communication with HR and payroll systems
  • Processing data from CRM and order management systems
  • Integration with the processes of custom professional systems
  • Integration with record and document management systems

Our solutions include file-based, email-based and Web service-based synchronous and asynchronous, or even workflow-based communication.

During the integration, on top of the business and technical requirements, we also put priority on the long-term operation, the availability and the performance aspects of the solution.

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