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Liferay operations

An enterprise portal should always be available – and work quickly and reliably. Our processes, matured in ten years, are the guarantee that your portal will be available 24/7.

We provide you with a comprehensive solution, either on-premise (hosted by you) or as a PaaS offering (Portal as a Service, i.e. hosted by us). We support the daily operation of the portal with continuous and automated monitoring, statistics and recommendations on optimization.

As a Silver Partner, we continuously provide you with security and functional upgrades of the Liferay portal. We can help you with completing version upgrade projects – we can quickly update and upgrade both the contents of the portal and all the components required for its proper operation (theme, portlets, hooks). 

Oracle operations

As part of our activities, we can operate the databases and applications built on Oracle technologies. We have outstanding experience and knowledge with tasks related to Oracle E-Business Suite-based systems. Operation can be outsourced fully, or by augmenting your existing IT organization with the professional background requiring special expertise. Ixenit can provide the necessary expertise either at the customer’s site, or from its own Budapest site with experienced Oracle experts.

Besides the actual operation, we can also build the secure operational environment for the system. After having assessed the system and in cooperation with the customer, we define the requirements for the environment and the operation.



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