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Create webforms easily


Simple and fast solution

  A form may be ready in only 1 hour

  Immediate reaction to business claims, marketing requests can be fast and efficiently satisfied

  Webforms parameters can be set simply on the administration surface of the portal


More than a webform

  Webform content is supported to save into database

  Webform content can be send by e-mail using a template

  Several built-in validators, unique validators can be created easily


100% Responsive

  Usability and ergonomics on all devices (desktops, tablets, and phones)


Fit to design

  Webform design can be fitted easily and nicely to existing webdesign


Cost effective

  Investment can return quickly

  Lite and full versions fit to budget

  Annual licence fee (full version), which contains Liferay version upgrade, security path and bugfixes.



contact us

  • Ixenit Ltd.
  •   7. Záhony st., 1031 Budapest, 
    (Graphisoft Park Building C)
  •  +36 1 886 2673
  •  +36 1 886 2674