Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music

Liferay portal, operations, support

We have won the contract for the development and operations of the portals of Zeneakadémia (Music Academy) in 2014, after contributing to the various developments of the portals before its launch at the end of 2013. Zeneakademia.hu started in October 2013 as the first member of the portal family designed to fulfill the widespread demands of the extensive network of institutions of the Music Academy. Next year it was followed by lfze.hu, which is a portal supporting university education. In structure lfze.hu is similar to zeneakademia.hu, but in content it is a standalone entity. The two portals are using the same server, can be edited from the same administrative surface and content can be shared between them in various ways.

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The portals are based on Liferay version 6.1 Enterprise Edition, we developed the mobile-friendly display with Bootstrap technology in this environment and integrated with jegy.hu's (SaaS) system so that it fits together with the webdesign perfectly. In reference to the I. International Marton Éva Singing Competition the martoncompetition.hu portal was made (in 2014), so people could follow the singing competition live through a stream. To service the video content we developed a complex solution that guarantees the protected storage and streaming of videos, furthermore we prepared a videoshop function with node.js technology where the content can be reached after credit card payment. As part of the operations contract we continuously develop and upgrade the multisite portals of Zeneakadémia as Liferay partners. With the extension of the functions of the portlet supporting the concert-activity, program-leaflets can be generated on the website, and we developed a special display to automatically visualize the program on the digital monitors situated in the public places in the Music Academy. The zeneakademia.hu website won the Red Dot Award in 2014 with the image designed by Allison Advertising creative agency.



Neckermann Ltd.

portal, upgrade, custom development

We have been developing and supporting the Liferay-based portals of Neckermenn travel agency since 2005. In 2014 we have upgraded the neckermann.hu portal to Liferay version 6.2 EE, so now users can browse the travelling opportunities ergonomically also on their mobile devices.

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Beside the upgrade we also extended the Liferay infrastructure with a technology that ensures a guaranteed reaction time, so the growing numbers of users continuously get high-quality services. We import/update products and offers as much as 200 GB daily from different external sources and display them on the portal in accordance with a predefined business logic. We integrated the portal with a multi-currency, multi-lingual, multi-country Salesforce CRM system, and we provide uninterrupted data-flow between the internal systems and the cloud-based CRM.



Waberer's Holding Plc.

oracle, upgrade

Oracle E-Business Suite upgrade, infrastructure consolidation

In 2007 the whole IT infrastructure has been renewed in a large project. During the project Innovent implemented the latest available version in order to support recent organizational changes, migrated all necessary data and created an archive environment.

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In addition to the functional upgrade we performed migration and upgrade of large number of custom developments, we delivered new software solutions, integrated backend systems, provided support services. Our achievements included implementation of a Oracle Real Applications Cluster and a new backup and recovery solution.



Raba Automotive Holding Plc.

oracle, eBS, E-Business Suite, migration, upgrade

Oracle e-Business Suite upgrade

We took significant responsibility in Oracle E-Business Suite R12 upgrade project. Our contribution included technical consultancy, project management support, functional consulting in areas of some financials modules moreover technical upgrade of huge number of custom developments in PO, INV, OE modules.


Fundamenta Plc.

portal, migration, upgrade

We have upgraded the fundamenta.hu portal to Liferay version 6.2EE, which contains the implementation of a mobil design corresponding to current trends.

The main consideration during the implementation of mobil design was to create a simple, user-friendly surface that supports all popular, currently used mobile platforms.

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During development we delivered a new product that makes it easier and simpler to fill out forms on the portal. It can be easily integrated into the design and supports several functions (custom, built-in validation, sending emails using templates, saving to database).



Vodafone Hungary

operations, support

Operations support

We have been supporting several Oracle based systems (RDBMS, OAS, OID, Grid Control) since 2003. Beyond day-to-day operations tasks we contribute in custom developments, QA, bug fixing and performance tuning tasks as well. Additionally we had significant role in implementation of backup/recovery and monitoring systems.

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7x24 Data Warehouse support

We have been performing 7x24 data warehouse support activities. We handle issues occurring tipically during nightly ETL processes under a very tight SLA. We provide work-around solutions in order to support the continuous operations of all systems. In addition to support activities we took part in reorganization of data warehouse operations environment, operations processes, workflows, change management processes and security subsystem.

Pre-paid invoicing system development and support

In 2005 we delivered the ATM based pre-paid top-up invoicing and reconciliation system, called Masina. Since then we perform its continuous support.


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