Custom Software Development

Utilizing custom software development companies can stay agile, innovation-oriented & can effectively manage or adapt to changes in the market. With the help of well-proven Agile practices Ixenit ensures that the customer remains the central focus during the product development lifecycle.

Our preferred Agile methodology is Scrum, which is an iterative and incremental approach to software project management. It provides the best mix of control and visibility while also allowing flexibility in the software production process, factors that make it ideal to manage software development outsourcing.

JAVA Back-end Development

Web back-end is the invisible backbone that connects and interconnects various parts of a software application. Without effective & efficient back-end web development your customer cannot have a good experience on your website. Hence, to help you avoid such a scenario, Ixenit offers comprehensive backend development services.

In other scenarios, headless back-end systems provide solutions for integration, process control or data processing problems. Java is today the de-facto standard for enterprise back solutions where scaling, security and robustness is a must.

Front-end Development

Attractive, interactive & visually appealing web front-end pages are crucial for the success of a business. These, not only reflect the purpose of an organization & company, but are also responsible for successful branding and gaining the trust & confidence of the visitor. Therefore, to help you achieve these goals effortlessly, we offer front-end & UI development services, using cutting edge technologies such as React or Angular.

Oracle Development

A significant part of our services related to Oracle technologies is implementing systems and developing applications that serve custom needs. The goal here is to create solutions that interoperate with existing systems in an integrated way, have a quick ROI but can be operated economically in the long run as well.

Our Oracle team with its comprehensive experience is readily available to implement solutions and applications serving custom needs.

We recommend our solutions to organizations where the specific operational characteristics cannot be covered by off-the-shelf applications. Our developments make it possible to support custom processes, quickly and precisely access, retrieve, and securely store all the necessary data.

PL/SQL Development

PL/SQL is a procedural extension of SQL, making it extremely simple to write procedural code that includes SQL as if it were a single language. Because of the tight integration with SQL it offers optimal, high performance, scalability and availability together with the database engine. Responding to today's demands lots of modern APIs are available to support data exchange and integration with other applications: native XML objects, calling java stored procedures, SOAP and REST services support etc.

As Oracle continuously improves PL/SQL by adding new features and improving performance for data-driven tasks the language remains an obvious solution: whenever the database is available development can start immediately without waiting for additional application/framework installation what in the end saves time and efforts.

Our Oracle Technical Experts have extensive knowledge in this flexible and readily available tool to help quickly extend and customize systems running on Oracle databases.



The benefits and usefulness of the ERP systems are clear for everyone who have met and worked with them. But it is a novelty since the appearance and spread of the cloud services that the products of ERP service providers are also available for SME-s beside the big companies. You can start familiarizing your company with cloud ERP services through either financial, HR or logistic processes - as these only require a relatively small initial investment, the processes are synthetized from the best practices of hundreds of multinational companies, they are continuously developed and they are ready to integrate with any softwares necessary for the unique needs of the company.

Ixenit Ltd have been closely cooperating with the Oracle group for more than 10 years now and our colleagues have tremendous experience in traditional, on-premise products and with continuous trainings and our newest projects they build the basis of our cloud knowledge base and experiences.

In the realm of traditional, on-premise products our experience range from the (rightfully forgotten) Release 10 through the officially not supported 11i to the newest R12. Regarding business fields we have knowledge in Financials, HR, Logistics and Manufacturing, with which we can cover financial processes like Procure-to-Pay, Order-to-Cash, Acquire-to-Retire (for assets), HR processes like Recruit-to-Retire including Workforce Development and logistic and manufacturing processes like Production-to-Inventory, Production Planning and Inbound-to-Outbound. Above the functional tasks - that include process analysis, system setup, testing, training and support - we have a wide range of experience in technical tasks - like system installment, database and application upgrade and various developments from integration of different systems to creating separate unique modules.

The Oracle Cloud products are based on the same business fundamentals than the on-premise products, which are best practices synthetized from thousands of customers' needs and experiences. Ixenit Ltd can tailor these best practices to the Hungarian market based on our experiences with Hungarian companies. Our technical colleagues (and our customers' technical colleagues) will not be without tasks, these will only transform to fit the cloud requirements. There will be more emphasis on integration, security and system control tasks, in which regard we are at our customers' service.


Process analysis

The success of companies usually stems from two important ingredients: people and processes. The people, who are engaged and possess the required knowledge and competency can even rocket the company to the Moon, while the processes provide the efficiency and cost-effectiveness on the route. As people are not produced from air by magic but recruited with great thoroughness, and their engagement comes from the actions and words of their leaders, such the processes are not created by a magic wand but generated by the cooperation of the teams in different professional areas, and needs continuous re-examination by the leaders.

This re-examination supposed to happen at predefined time-intervals, as no one wants to keep processes in their company that are no longer effective, just because "we always used to do it this way". It is advised to hire external help in this review for the following reasons:

  • In SME-s leaders have multiple roles and responsibilities and beside concentrating on the related tasks it is very rare that they have additional time and / or energy to review processes, while in big companies very few people can see the whole processes as they are only responsible for a small portion of them.
  • Although processes are best known by the people in them, an external eye can bring in new viewpoints by his/her knowledge of the processes and best practices in the same (or different) industry
  • The mapping and analysis of the processes is also a profession, parts of it can be done by common sense but to reach a considerable rise in effectiveness a professional is needed

In this task you will find Ixenit Ltd a huge asset, as our consultants have decades of experience in implementing ERP systems where the first ask is always the mapping and analysis of processes, including the process from the emergence of a purchasing request to the payment of the supplier (Procure-to-Pay), the process from the need of a customer to the acceptance of the payment (Order-to-Cash), and also processes between the former two processes: manufacturing, inventory and logistic management (Supply Chain Management) and the financial control of all of the above.

Streamlining the processes and introducing best practices are intertwined nowadays with using different IT tools. Ixenit Ltd has partnership with several IT service companies, and we have also used several other IT tools during our previous engagements, so we can suggest the suitable tools for the special requirements of our customers. And in case there are no suitable products on the market, we can provide our services in development also.


What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a computer software type which can substitute people in delivering repetitive, rule-based processes.

Where can we use RPA?

RPA is industry and process agnostic, which means that any digital process in organizations working in any sectors can be automated.

First adopters were the business process outsourcing organizations (e.g. SSC-s), next were the financial services that usually automated the financial and HR administration processes and nowadays the call centers’ processes are in focus.

Since then almost every industry can boast with a successful RPA implementation. Users of RPA software applications are present (among others) in telecommunication, logistics, professional services, manufacturing or public services sectors.

What are the advantages of RPA?

The functions of RPA solution help the digital transformation of organizations and contribute to their long-term competitiveness in several ways:

  • Increases the quality of the process output – it can reach 100% accuracy
  • Previously automation of complex business processes always required the help of the IT department, but now business users can learn how to use RPA software and develop BOTs
  • Facilitates the flexible and cost-effective integration of isolated IT systems (silos) in the company
  • Increases the process effectiveness, decreases the time required for the processes, it can run 24/7
  • Liberates the employee from the repetitive, monotonous, manual labour of some processes so they can concentrate on other tasks that have higher value added, are creative or need decision on complex matters
  • Facilitates the integration of those special-function legacy systems that could not be integrated before due to lack of technology or expertise
  • Helps the data-driven management of companies by making the data used by BOTs accessible and analysable

How can Ixenit help you?

We know that choosing and implementing such a complex software is a multiple task that we can help with

  • Automation consultancy: our consultants can assign the proper automation tool to the client’s business objectives
  • Purchase of RPA software: as a strategic partner we re-sell Automation Anywhere’s solutions using exclusive price level
  • Implementation of RPA software: our business analysts can assess the business processes of our clients, design the automation and help setting up the human and physical requirements needed for the BOTs. Our RPA developers can implement the necessary BOTs.
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