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About Liferay

Liferay is an open source, large enterprise-level, Java based portal solution that conforms to and supports industry standards.

The business requirements of a portal are very easy to define: make profit! Technical requirements can become more wide-ranging, and during our projects, within the possibilities defined by the business requirements, we must meet them all. We have all the tools, methodology, experience and resources necessary to complete large enterprise projects. We continuously develop ourselves, too, so that the solutions we deliver are always up to the latest achievements of the industry.

External and internal enterprise portals, developments from scratch or redesigning/refactoring existing portals – we have significant references and experience in all these areas. We can perform everything necessary to fully implement a portal, from the very first steps to its continuous operation and maintenance.

Besides software development, we offer high-quality graphical design and implementation, for mobile and desktop use as well.

The feedback from our experience with operation helps us greatly with fine-tuning our solutions to make them efficient and secure in the long run – we are well aware of the usual obstacles of development.

We have significant experience with fixing projects that have difficulties.

We use the Kanban methodology to execute our projects; for project management and ticketing we use JIRA. Some other tools we use: Continuous Integration and Delivery (Jenkins) and version management systems (Git and SVN).

Oracle development

A significant part of our services related to Oracle technologies is implementing systems and developing applications that serve custom needs. The goal of the developments is to create solutions that interoperate with the existing systems in an integrated way, have a quick ROI but can be operated economically in the long run as well.

Our team with its comprehensive experience is readily available to implement solutions and applications serving custom needs. During the application development we create solutions that interoperate with the existing systems in an integrated way.

We recommend our solutions to organizations where the specific operational characteristics cannot be covered by off-the-shelf applications. Our developments make it possible to support custom processes, quickly and precisely access and retrieve, and securely store all the necessary data.


Liferay consulting and support

As one of the pioneers in Hungary, we started working with the Liferay platform in 2005. That was the time when we developed our first large portal (neckermann.hu), and we have been continuously supporting and updating it from ever since. During the years we collected knowledge and experience that is unparalleled in Hungary. 

Areas of consulting:

  • Professional support for existing Liferay portals
  • Operation of the whole portal infrastructure
  • Consulting with on-demand pricing
  • Feasibility studies, implementing pilot projects
  • Technical audits for Liferay-based solutions (see more under Audit)
  • Preparing expert opinions
  • Correcting Liferay implementations/solutions that do not fully meet the business requirements (project recovery)

A special type of consulting is portal-specific project recovery – proven by many successful projects.

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will help. We always do.

Liferay portal functional- and performance audit

An enterprise portal is constantly changing, together with its applications, content and the patterns of its usage. However, the user experience and the availability of the portal must not degrade! We help you with functional- and performance audit to reach this goal. Our timeboxed audit helps you to identify the problems lying in the applications, in the portal  or in the underlying infrastructure. The result of the audit is a document containing assessment and recommendations to remedy the identified problems.

Oracle consulting and support

Based on our decade-long experience gained in the world of Oracle, including large enterprise solutions, we help our customers with consulting and joint analysis in selecting and implementing the optimal processes, the best ERP, training and workflow systems.

The expertise of our consultants covers all phases of software implementation projects. Their professional knowledge extends from vendor relationship management through planning, finance and controlling processes to communication with banks. Our experts are available to perform all tasks related to consulting on implementation and custom development.

A high-priority area within our consulting activities is the functional and technical support of Oracle E-Business Suite-based systems within live environments. We can provide support either outsourced fully, by ourselves, or by augmenting your existing IT organization with the professional background requiring special expertise.

Oracle security audit

It is quite typical with IT systems that when they are modified – either because of extra developments, business reorganization or changes in personnel –, security aspects tend to get pushed into the background, and after some time, the systems operate in a badly documented, difficult-to-oversee and – regarding security – in a vulnerable state.

The goal of the Oracle Security Audit is to assess the Oracle RDBMS, the databases and optionally the applications built on them from a security aspect, to find the risks and deficiencies.

The audit consists of the following phases:

  • Creating a dedicated test environment for the audit based on the live systems (virtualizaed solutions are preferred)
  • Providing access to the experts performing the audit
  • Interviews with the IT and operational managers
  • Assessment – Analysis– Reports
  • Finalizing the detailed report
  • Creating an executive summary (chartd, ‘heat map’)
  • Preparing a presentation
  • Vendor-side, internal QA audit
  • Presenting the results of the audit to the IT managers of the customer
  • Q & A

Liferay migration and upgrade

Using our own product (ContentMigrator), we can migrate any existing website or portal to Liferay technologies completely, in a fully automated way. Version upgrade of the current Liferay platform or performing upgrades between major versions; integrating/testing custom developments as part of these projects.

Oracle migration and upgrade

Migration to products offered by Oracle (EBS, Middleware, RDBMS) and completing all product version upgrade tasks. Version upgrades and tests for existing custom developments.


Liferay operations

An enterprise portal should always be available – and work quickly and reliably. Our processes, matured in ten years, are the guarantee that your portal will be available 24/7.

We provide you with a comprehensive solution, either on-premise (hosted by you) or as a PaaS offering (Portal as a Service, i.e. hosted by us). We support the daily operation of the portal with continuous and automated monitoring, statistics and recommendations on optimization.

As a Silver Partner, we continuously provide you with security and functional upgrades of the Liferay portal. We can help you with completing version upgrade projects – we can quickly update and upgrade both the contents of the portal and all the components required for its proper operation (theme, portlets, hooks). 

Oracle operations

As part of our activities, we can operate the databases and applications built on Oracle technologies. We have outstanding experience and knowledge with tasks related to Oracle E-Business Suite-based systems. Operation can be outsourced fully, or by augmenting your existing IT organization with the professional background requiring special expertise. Ixenit can provide the necessary expertise either at the customer’s site, or from its own Budapest site with experienced Oracle experts.

Besides the actual operation, we can also build the secure operational environment for the system. After having assessed the system and in cooperation with the customer, we define the requirements for the environment and the operation.


Liferay integration

An enterprise portal is almost never a standalone system: it is part of a complex infrastructure. Content needs to be presented according to business needs. It is particularly important that a flexible, yet lasting solution should connect the portal with the back-office systems. Our many years of experience is the guarantee of the right solution. Problems we solved successfully:

  • interface legacy system using Oracle stored procedures
  • interface legacy system using file transfer (FTP, IMAP, SMTP)
  • payment gateways: we have complete solutions to more banking systems
  • hotel reservation systems (webservice and other technologies)
  • flight reservation systems (webservice and other technologies)
  • direct, bidirectional mainframe interface (TN3270)

Oracle integration

We have many years of experience with the integration of applications supporting enterprise business processes.  The solutions defined by the system designers are implemented by our developers well versed with the technologies, based on the available connections provided by the applications.

Typical integration needs in relation with Oracle applications:

  • Communication with banking systems, posting transactions, receiving balances
  • GL- and subledger-level communication with HR and payroll systems
  • Processing data from CRM and order management systems
  • Integration with the processes of custom professional systems
  • Integration with record and document management systems

Our solutions include file-based, email-based and Web service-based synchronous and asynchronous, or even workflow-based communication.

During the integration, on top of the business and technical requirements, we also put priority on the long-term operation, the availability and the performance aspects of the solution.


Business Intelligence

Nowadays, when more and more data is generated every minute, it is an important challenge in every company's life to convert their data to useful information. Information, that helps you analyze events of the past, and predict what the future brings, making our business more efficient and more successful than others!

One of the keys to this process can be to build a modern self-service BI solution which will help you understand the deeper relationships impacting your business processes.

But how do we get started, and how do we fit this into our existing processes?

As a partner of leading BI solutions (Tableau, Microsoft Power BI), we are here to help you and your business!

Based on your needs, we will help you find the right solution, relying on our excellent technological background and the expertise of our colleagues. We have several years of experience in various business areas including marketing, finance, commerce, HR.

We understand your business!

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