In today's fast-paced world, customers and staff visiting websites and web pages want immediate answers to their questions. Traditional communication channels often fail to meet their expectations. Filling in a web form, browsing through a long "FAQ" for an answer or waiting for a customer service agent on the phone can be time-consuming, not to mention the long response times.

Traditional solutions are often costly, inefficient and fail to control workload.

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Where can you use Chatbot?

πŸ’» IT Customer Service

Send a new password – after identifying the users, ChatBot can set and send them a new password.

Enable and disable privileges – ChatBot may be able to grant privileges to users or remove those if the appropriate information is available.

Open a help desk ticket – ChatBot collects the necessary information, creates a help desk ticket, and sends it to the appropriate team.

πŸ’Ό Human resources

Recruitment – booking interview appointments, providing candidates with information about the position.

General employee information – ChatBot can answer simple questions about the number of holidays, pay slips and a lot more.

Onboarding – ChatBot helps employees onboard by guiding them through the process in a conversational way, answering all their questions, and providing useful information.

🎧 Customer service

FAQ automation – ChatBot provides standard answers to common questions.

Process automation – ChatBot can answer questions that require searching background systems. ChatBot looks up the answer in the background system and sends it to the user.

Transfer to a human operator – for complex cases, ChatBot transfers the dialog to a human operator.

πŸ’Ή Sales and marketing

Market research – collect data about potential partners.

Shortening the sales cycle – when a customer has a question and wants a quick answer, they can ask ChatBot about prices or product features.

Marketing campaign – instead of landing pages and forms, ChatBot can connect directly with customers through the website, Facebook and other channels.

πŸ“¦ Supply chain

Customer service – use Chatbot to book and track shipments and answer questions about deliveries

Customer orders – receiving new orders, changing the status of orders and cancelling orders are all possible using ChatBot.

What are the main features of Chatbot?


βœ” ChatBot uses a multilingual NLP engine, managing more than 30 languages

βœ” no translation is required, so ChatBot can more accurately understand the content of what users wrote and it can recognize their intentions

Machine learning

βœ” the use of autonomous machine learning allows ChatBot to evolve based on the business needs

βœ” when creating the knowledge base, personalized items can be applied

βœ” applying a mix of continuous and supervised machine learning ensures the improvement of ChatBot

Creating "synthetic" data

βœ” ChatBot can generate new phrases based on the given phrase patterns, so less data is needed to create an intelligent ChatBot

Text structure and meaning

βœ” ChatBot can understand the meaning of whole questions or phrases and recognize the highlighted words in sentences

βœ” the phrase database already contains default system phrases such as dates or names, but it also allows you to create customized phrases and terminology

Recognizing emotions

βœ” emotion testing and detection is available in ChatBot in all supported languages

βœ” ChatBot recognizes when a user is upset – and can learn how to calm them down – or when the user is confused and offers a simpler choice.

Voice recognition

βœ” ChatBot can translate voice using third-party STT and TTS services and analyze the spoken content using natural language processing (NLP)

βœ” It can provide personalized solutions to interpret and respond to requests received by STT and TTS services.

The personality of ChatBot

βœ” the ChatBot user interface can be customized to maximize the user experience

βœ” the personalized ChatBot interface can be easily integrated to web, mobile, or any other channels

How can Ixenit help?

With its expertise and flexible services, Ixenit can cover the entire Chatbot lifecycle, from Chatbot design, through implementation to operation.