Application development

Custom Software Development

Utilizing custom software development companies can stay agile, innovation-oriented & can effectively manage or adapt to changes in the market. With the help of well-proven Agile practices Ixenit ensures that the customer remains the central focus during the product development lifecycle.

Our preferred Agile methodology is Scrum, which is an iterative and incremental approach to software project management. It provides the best mix of control and visibility while also allowing flexibility in the software production process, factors that make it ideal to manage software development outsourcing.

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JAVA Back-end Development

Web back-end is the invisible backbone that connects and interconnects various parts of a software application. Without effective & efficient back-end development your customers cannot have a good experience on your website. To help you avoid such a scenario, Ixenit offers comprehensive backend development services. In other scenarios, headless back-end systems provide solutions for integration, process control or data processing problems. Java is today the de-facto standard for enterprise back-end solutions where scaling, security and robustness is a must.

Front-end Development

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Attractive, interactive & visually appealing web pages or applications are crucial for the success of a business. These not only reflect the purpose of an organization, but are also responsible for successful branding and gaining the trust & confidence of the visitor. Therefore, to help you achieve these goals effortlessly, we offer front-end & UI development services, using cutting edge technologies such as React or Angular.

Oracle Development

A significant part of our services related to Oracle technologies is implementing systems and developing applications that serve custom needs. The goal here is to create solutions that interoperate with existing systems in an integrated way, have a quick ROI but can be operated economically in the long run as well.

Our Oracle team with its comprehensive experience is readily available to implement solutions and applications serving custom needs. We recommend our solutions to organizations where the specific operational characteristics cannot be covered by off-the-shelf applications. Our developments make it possible to support custom processes, quickly and precisely access, retrieve, and securely store all the necessary data.

PL/SQL Development

PL/SQL is a procedural extension of SQL, making it extremely simple to write procedural code that includes SQL as if it were a single language. Because of the tight integration with SQL it offers high performance, scalability and availability together with the database engine. Responding to today's demands, lots of modern APIs are available to support data exchange and integration with other applications: native XML objects, calling java stored procedures, SOAP and REST services support etc.

As Oracle continuously improves PL/SQL by adding new features and improving performance for data-driven tasks the language remains an obvious solution: whenever the database is available development can start immediately without waiting for additional application/framework installation what in the end saves time and efforts.

Our Oracle Technical Experts have extensive knowledge in this flexible and readily available tool to help quickly extend and customize systems running on Oracle databases.

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