Business Process Management

The success of companies usually stems from two important ingredients: people and processes. The people, who are engaged and possess the required knowledge and competency can even rocket the company to the Moon, while the processes provide the efficiency and cost-effectiveness on the route.

As people are not produced from air by magic but recruited with great thoroughness, and their engagement comes from the actions andwords of their leaders, such the processes are not created by a magic wand but generated by the cooperation of the teams in different professional areas, and needs continuous re-examination by the leaders.

Process Illustraion

This re-examination supposed to happen at predefined time-intervals, as no one wants to keep processes in their company that are no longer effective, just because "we always used todo it this way". It is advised to hire external help in this review for the following reasons:

In SME-s leaders have multiple roles and responsibilities and beside concentrating on the related tasks it is very rare that they have additional time and / or energy to review processes, while in big companies very few people can see the "big picture" as they are only responsible for a small portion of them.
Although processes are best known by the people in them, an external eye can bring innew viewpoints by his/her knowledge of the processes and best practices in the same (or different) industry.
The mapping and analysis of the processes is also a profession, parts of it can be done by common sense but to reach a considerable rise in effectiveness a professional is needed.

In this task you will find Ixenit Ltd a huge asset, as our consultants have decades of experience in implementing ERP systems where the first question is always the mapping and analysis of processes, including the process from the emergence of a purchasing request to the payment of the supplier (Procure-to-Pay), the process from the need of a customer to the acceptance of the payment (Order-to-Cash), and also processes between the former two: manufacturing, inventory and logistic management (Supply Chain Management) and the financial control of all of the above.

Streamlining the processes and introducing best practices are intertwined nowadays with using different IT tools. Ixenit Ltd has partnership with several IT service companies, and we have also used several other IT tools during our previous engagements, so we can suggest the suitable tools for the special requirements of our customers. And in case there are no suitable products on the market, we can provide our services in developing one as well.

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