What is BI?

Business Intelligence (BI) includes all applications and tools that facilitate the collection and analysis of all data produced in the business processes and helps to make well-established business decisions. By applying these tools, organizations can optimize business processes, increase the efficiency of their operations and recognize trends in their field of business.

What can we use the BI tools and applications for?

  • Making reports, statements, summaries
  • Making dashboards, executive dashboards
  • Making indexes, KPI-s, Balanced Scorecards
  • Business and statistical analysis
  • Planning, forecasting, business modelling, running „What if...?” scenarios
  • Consolidation, aggregation
  • Time series analysis
  • Churn analysis, client-segmentation, fraud detection, credit rating, cross-sales analysis
  • Click-stream analysis
  • Geographical analysis of certain data

Where can we use the BI tools and applications?

The simple answer to this is: in every organization where complex decisions are made. Where is it worth to use? – is another question. It depends on the organization’s environment and its internal attributes. In a dynamic industry in a big corporation there is a stable place for BI solutions to help the decisions of middle and upper management. If the organization conducts numerous transactions with lots of partners it is key to establish measurement points to certain steps in their transactions, to store the measurements in a standardized structure (eg. Data warehouse), to deduct conclusions from the data to help business decisions.

How can Ixenit help your organization?

Designing, building, operating a data warehouse

Data warehouse is the place where the data becomes information. The transactional software applications supporting the business processes only store data, they cannot forward them in the proper form with the necessary speed to the correct places in the adequate time, because this is not their objective. In recent days business users have such information requirements that would be satisfied with tools which make it possible to exploit strategic information. Managers today are not settled for printed list from the systems. In data warehouses all important information from all divisions of the organization are available for everyone on a common platform.

Visual data analysis

As the swift, self-service tools appeared on the market everyone from the media market to the financial sector wants to increase efficiency and help decision-making with interactive reports and presentations instead of out-of-the-date static reports and tables. We can support this direction in full scale, from data-modelling through making unique calculations, to designing dashboards and reports.

BI business consulting

We help streamline the processes, understand the effects and advise next steps. We identify how data analysis can help reaching the business goals in different departments and help choosing the suitable BI tool. We design clean and easily understandable dashboards that focus on the corporate goals and help define the next steps to take. These dashboards not only answer the known questions at the time of design, but can help in any business decision arising in the future. As part of the consultancy services we can provide trainings on the usage of certain BI tools.

Other Services